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2015 ISSN Conference Review - Part II
by Sean Casey | 07/31/2015

The 12th Annual ISSN Conference took place in Austin, Texas (USA) on June 11-13th, 2015. Once again CasePerformance covered the event. In Part II of our multi-part review of the conference we take a look at the following presentations: Sohee Lee, CISSN – Increasing Dietary Adherence; Dr. Joe Klemczewski, PhD, CISSN – Nutrition Strategies for Sustainable Health & Weight Loss and Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, PhD – Manipulating Resistance Training Variables.

2015 ISSN Conference Review - Part I
by Sean Casey | 07/25/2015

In Part I of our multi-part review of the 2015 Annual ISSN Conference we take a look at the following presentations: Rick Collins, JD, FISSN, CSCS – Nutrition Law Every Fitness Professional Should Know; Dr. Ralf Jager, CISSN, FISSN, MBA the Gut-Muscle-Axis: Probiotics Flex Their Muscles in Sports Nutrition and Stacy Sims – Dogma of Hydration. Additionally we take a peek at some of the hallway chatter that took place at this year’s conference.

2014 ISSN Conference Review - Part IIb
by Sean Casey | 10/26/2014

In Part IIb of our ISSN conference review we focus on the following presentations: Jacob M. Wilson PhD and Ryan Lowery BS CSCS (Fat Loss Strategies for Optimizing Body Composition), Jeff Volek PhD RD (The Many Facets of Keto-Adaptation – Health, Performance, & Beyond), and research from Dr. Lonnie Lowery's lab on The Effects of VIA® Instant Coffee on Bench Press Performance: A Gender Comparison.

2014 ISSN Conference Review - Part IIa
by Sean Casey | 10/26/2014

In Part IIa of our ISSN conference review we shift our focus to the presentations of Day 2. Specific ones highlighted include those presented by Shawn Wells MPH, RD, CISSN & Gabriel Wilson PhD (Leucine, HMB, And Amino Acid Metabolites Support Muscle Growth and Athletic Performance), Mike Roberts, PhD (Molecular Updates on the Effects of Phosphatidic Acid: Muscle Physiology and Beyond), and Brad Schoenfeld PhD, FNSCA (MAX Muscle: A Periodized Approach to Hypertrophy Training).

2014 ISSN Conference Review - Part I
by Sean Casey | 07/23/2014

In Part 1 of our review, we discuss those that fell on Day 1 of the conference. Specific ones include those presented by Juan Carlos Santana, FNSCA (Weight Cutting Strategies for Elite MMA Fighters), Krista Varady, PhD (Alternate Day Fasting – Effects on Health & Body Composition), Darryn Willoughby (Ursolic Acid Supplementation), Mark Tarnopolsky (Creatine – Not Just for Sport), and Steven Orris MS CSCS USAW CISSN (Strength Training and Sports Nutrition for the College Athletes). Additionally I share with you a few tidbits on the expo portion of the event

Interview with the Expert: Jennifer Gibson
by Sean Casey | 01/10/2014

In this “Interview with the Expert” we have the privilege of talking sports nutrition with Jennifer Gibson, MSc, RD, CSSD, IOC DIP Sport Nutrition. Ms. Gibson is a Sport Dietitian at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she works primarily with acrobatic and combat sport athletes. Topics include her background, establishing diets, the USOC’s approach to supplementation as well as some common nutrition pitfalls made by athletes

Don't Demonize but Analyze to Find the Perfect Diet for YOU!
by Sean Casey | 10/30/2013

Popular diets are coming and going. What doesn't change though is the fact that everyone will have their own unique response to a given diet. So before you jump on the mass food demonizing bandwagon, add/eliminate foods one at a time from your diet and honestly evaluate your body's response. In other words, be a food "analyzer", not a food basher!

2013 ISSN Conference Part II: Research Presentations
by Sean Casey | 07/18/2013

Specific presentations discussed in part II of our 2013 ISSN review include those presented by Dr. Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS (HMB, Oral ATP, Phosphatidic Acid), Chris Lockwood, PhD; Mike Roberts, PhD (Comparison of WPH vs. Other Whey Protein Forms: What the Science Tells Us), Hector Lopez, MD (Omega 3 Fish Oil: A Keystone Nutritional Prescription for Athletes) and the keynote address speaker, Frank W. Booth, PhD (Basic Science Research in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition: Where We've Been, Where We Are and Where We're Headed) & Jason Beam, PhD, CSCS (Effects of Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid on Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Disposal Post Workout)

2013 ISSN Conference Part I: Practical Application Presentations
by Sean Casey | 07/06/2013

In Part 1 of our review, we discuss those that fell on the "applied" side of the equation. Specific ones include that presented by Brandon Marcello, PhD (Nutrition Strategies for Stanford Athletics), Alicia Kendig, MS, RD & Jennifer Gibson, MSc, RD (Logistical Issues & Nutrition Strategies for Summer & Olympic Sport Athletes), Paul Cribb, PhD (Nutrient Timing), David Sandler, MS (Research vs. Training Application), Carla Sanchez, IFBB Pro (Creating a Competitive Physique) and Shawn Phillips (The Anatomy of A Successful Supplement). Additionally I share with you my thoughts on "The Art of a Successful Disagreement" and a few tidbits on the expo portion of the event.

Are you Fueling Your Internal Fire with Protein?
by Sean Casey | 06/05/2013

Hard training athletes need higher protein intakes. However, does turning your body into a fire breathing protein consuming machine have it's drawbacks. This article checks out some recent discussions on the subject.


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