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  • " Not only is Sean a great nutritionist, but he's an excellent strength coach. I've coached athletes with him on multiple occasions. The most impressive attributes I've seen in him is his integrity, work ethic, ability to work with athletes and desire to be the best coach possible...."

-Luke Richesson. Head NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach for Denver Broncos


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Ugh - Facepalm! That was stupid…. WTH was I thinking?!
by Sean Casey | 03/31/2014

A rundown of some of the stupidest things I've done in training, coaching & writing.

CP 5+1 Finalists
by Sean Casey | 12/23/2013

The finalist for our 5+1 CP Appreciation contest. Vote for your favorite one!

"Top 5+1" CP Community Member Appreciation Contest- $50 Amazon Gift Card Prize & More!
by Sean Casey | 11/17/2013

Everyone who follows CasePerformance knows that we appreciate our community members. Now we are literally putting our money where our mouths are by giving a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the individual who wins our sponsored "Top 5+1" Community Member Appreciation Contest.

Don't Demonize but Analyze to Find the Perfect Diet for YOU!
by Sean Casey | 10/30/2013

Popular diets are coming and going. What doesn't change though is the fact that everyone will have their own unique response to a given diet. So before you jump on the mass food demonizing bandwagon, add/eliminate foods one at a time from your diet and honestly evaluate your body's response. In other words, be a food "analyzer", not a food basher!

End of Year Wrap Up: A Special Thanks, Top 12 in 2012 & The Awards Show
by Sean Casey | 01/01/2013

A look back at 2012 at CasePerformance!

'Tis the Season for Great Food... Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, la!
by Sean Casey | 12/24/2012

In this article we explore Christmas meals from around the world and why chocolate is a must!

End of Year Wrap Up: A Special Thanks, Top 11 in 2011 & The Awards Show
by Sean Casey | 01/01/2012

In part II of our 2011 Year in Review, we dish out our top training and nutrition awards to sites across the world wide web. In addition we reveal the top 11 most read articles at CasePerformance during the year 2011!

Holiday Weight Gain
by Sean Casey | 12/28/2011

Paranoid that the weight you’ve gained during the past few days has went straight to your love handles, butt & thighs? If so, calm your fears by reading this article.

I Want To Be An Astronaut
by Phil Stevens | 09/26/2011

Be like a child and realize that their are no limits to what you can achieve!

The Guru I'm Not
by Sean Casey | 03/20/2011

Does anyone find it amazing how many self proclaimed "gurus" and "experts" exist on the internet?


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