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  • " Not only is Sean a great nutritionist, but he's an excellent strength coach. I've coached athletes with him on multiple occasions. The most impressive attributes I've seen in him is his integrity, work ethic, ability to work with athletes and desire to be the best coach possible...."

-Luke Richesson. Head NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach for Denver Broncos


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Mission Statement
CasePerformance's Mission Statement

Here at CasePerformance we strive to bridge the gap between research and human performance, while acknowledging that the real world results obtained by the athlete/client and coach are the ULTIMATE measure of success.

Knowledge is worthless unless properly applied to your training goals. This pertains to research completed in the gym as well as the lab. Unfortunately, by the time research has been filtered down to the average individual, it has been polluted by manufacturer propaganda, manipulated by those with personal agendas or glossed over by popular media.

At CasePerformance, this nonsense is sidetracked as we bring the research straight to your front door. We provide you with free access to our article database as well as personalized training and nutrition programs that provide results. Furthermore, we teach you how to teach yourself in our Consumer Savvy article section. As you'll see, the only personal agenda you'll find at CasePerformance is the one that starts with you and ends with your success!

Great Archived Articles
NO Supp's Part III: The "Everything But The Kitchen Sink" NO Supplements
by Sean Casey | 10/14/2012

Most pre-workout NO Supplements have 50 million ingredients that have been "synergistically blended for enhanced muscle pump." Are these products legit? Are there any proven NO boosters? These questions and more are answered in Part III of our look at the NO Supplements.

4 Directions to a Smokin' Back
by Rob Fortney | 10/10/2010

Rob “Fortress” Fortney believes there are four fundamental directions a weight must be pulled or lifted in order to build a strong back. He calls it his Directional Back Training Principle and he’s about to share it with you.

End of Year Wrap Up: A Special Thanks, Top 11 in 2011 & The Awards Show
by Sean Casey | 01/01/2012

In part II of our 2011 Year in Review, we dish out our top training and nutrition awards to sites across the world wide web. In addition we reveal the top 11 most read articles at CasePerformance during the year 2011!