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-Luke Richesson. Head NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach for Denver Broncos


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Are your supplements receiving the best manufacturing treatment?
by Brian Putchio | 04/18/2012

We often purchase nutraceuticals without thinking about the complexity of the manufacturing processes employed to create them. While many manufacturers follow strict rules to ensure FDA CGMP compliance, some violate sanitary, contamination, ingredient, and other rules with pose a risk to consumers.

How to Spot a Nutraceutical Rip-off
by Brian Putchio | 05/24/2011

In this article I offer tips on how to avoid the psychological grip of marketing scams, which will subsequently help you make better informed nutraceutical purchasing decisions.

Chatting with the FDA about Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements
by Brian Putchio | 12/20/2010

Today, I participated in a special online chat session with the FDA. The theme was “Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements”, and I was fortunate enough to get my three questions answered by both the FDA’s Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Dr. Moore, and the FDA’s Principal Deputy Commissioner, Joshua Sharfstein, M.D.

Interview with the Bench Press Expert - Bill Carpenter
by Brian Putchio | 09/23/2010

We interview one of the world's top bench press athletes, Bill Carpenter. Bill's accomplishments in the bench press are simply jaw dropping, including an 800 lb bench press!

CRACKDOWN: Acai Berry Weight-Loss Pills and "Colon Cleansers"
by Brian Putchio | 08/31/2010

Court Orders Internet Marketers of Acai Berry Weight-Loss Pills and “Colon Cleansers” to Stop Deceptive Advertising and Unfair Billing Practices.

HCG Diet – Weight Loss Miracle or Diet Scam?
by Brian Putchio | 07/14/2010

If you’ve searched the internet lately for diet products you’ve undoubtedly heard about the HCG Diet. In this blog we explain what HCG is and whether the HCG Diet lives up to the hype.

ZMA® – Advertisements and Science Conflict
by Brian Putchio | 06/23/2010

ZMA® has been popularized since 1999 by advertisements that purport its benefits in testosterone enhancement and muscle building potential. In this scientific review, ZMA® is stripped of its influential advertisements and put under the microscope.

Beta-Alanine Supplementation
by Brian Putchio | 05/07/2010

Beta-alanine’s use in sports supplements is at an all-time high. Does it make you faster, stronger, or more muscled? Let’s take a brief look to find out.

Proprietary Blends - Deception or Protection?
by Brian Putchio | 01/21/2010

While there’s no easy, quick solution to determine if a company’s proprietary blend is deceptive, there are indicators to watch for. Read more!

Why Many Supplement Forums and Retail Sites Contain Misinformation
by Brian Putchio | 10/21/2009

The internet can provide an endless supply of quality learning material. However, it can also drop you into a bottomless pit of misinformation and bad advice.


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