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Strength/Ball/Speed Training
2015 ISSN Conference Review - Part II
by Sean Casey | 07/31/2015

The 12th Annual ISSN Conference took place in Austin, Texas (USA) on June 11-13th, 2015. Once again CasePerformance covered the event. In Part II of our multi-part review of the conference we take a look at the following presentations: Sohee Lee, CISSN – Increasing Dietary Adherence; Dr. Joe Klemczewski, PhD, CISSN – Nutrition Strategies for Sustainable Health & Weight Loss and Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, PhD – Manipulating Resistance Training Variables.

Russia's Noble Ergogenic Weapon - Xenon
by Sean Casey | 05/20/2014

In February 2014 it was learned that Russian athletes had been using a relatively unknown ergogenic aid, the noble gas xenon, to boost athletic performance since early 2000's. The main benefit attributed to xenon is its ability to enhance EPO production, thus enhancing one's aerobic capacity (VO2max). Besides boosting EPO levels, research has shown xenon to induce euphoria as well as analgesia. Additionally, as reported in the press, based off Russian documents, it may enhance testosterone production. Got your attention yet? OK, read the article!

Interview with the Expert: "The Golden Eagle" Tom Platz
by Sean Casey | 01/18/2014

In this “Interview with the Expert” we have the privilege of being joined by bodybuilding legend Tom Platz, aka “The Golden Eagle” and his wife, Dr. Cha. Topics covered include his experiences as a bodybuilder, one of his secrets to success during the '80s and proudest moment as a competitor. Dr. Cha also shares why she can't stand the word "diet" and a few other thoughts
Creatine – Beyond Brawn Part I: Diabetes and Glycemic Control
by Sean Casey | 12/07/2013

The ergogenic benefits that creatine has on muscular power and performance is widely known. However, what is less known is the “other” beneficial roles that creatine supplementation may have on health and in clinical settings. In part I of our series, we examine the relationship between creatine and blood glucose management.

Kettlebell Complex Training
by arnav sarkar | 05/27/2013

Arnav Sarkar shares with us the benefits that kettlebell complexes can have for those competing in the sport of Girevoy as well as the average fitness enthusiast!

Prolotherapy Part II: HEAL those Chronic Tendon, Ligament and Cartilage Injuries... Or Not?
by Sean Casey | 05/22/2013

Avoid the surgical knife and heal your connective tissue injuries with a few simple prolotherapy injections… Sounds great, but does it actually work? In Part II of this series, we examine the effects of traditional prolotherapy healing agents such as glucose and sodium morrhuate on various connective tissue injuries in humans.

Prolotherapy Part I: "Snake Oil" Medicine or "Revolutionary Healing" Technique?
by Sean Casey | 04/21/2013

Many individuals suffer from chronic connective tissue injuries such as torn ligmants, damaged tendons and/or degenerating cartilage. Although it has been around for 100’s of years, a “new” treatment technique, referred to as prolotherapy, has been promoted by some physicians as effective non-surgical technique to heal these injuries. In Part I of this series, we examine the history of this technique as well as animal based research supporting/refuting its benefits.

Part II: Olympic Lift Your Way to A 700+ lb/318 + kg Deadlift
by Phil Stevens | 12/18/2012

In the concluding part of this article, Phil Stevens discusses the inclusion of the clean pull in your deadlifting program. Additionally, he describes how to implement both the clean pull and clean lift off into your training program.

Part I: Olympic Lift Your Way to A 700+ lb (318+ kg) Deadlift
by Phil Stevens | 11/24/2012

In Part I of this article, Phil Stevens shares with us how he used Olympic based lifting principles to help him achieve his first 700 lb (318 kg) deadlift.

Using Your Levers to Reach Maximum Deadlifting Potential
by Phil Stevens | 09/08/2012

If one is looking to throw on thick, dense muscle muscle and increase total body strength levels, it's hard to beat the deadlift. Learn how your body structure influences your set-up for this lift.


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